Whirli-Gigs | Skillshare Projects


Whirli-gigs capture the spirit of spring. Here in the rainy NW, there is barely anything in bloom this time of year. Windy gray days are perfect for these little pods to swirl around in the wind to find a spot to plant themselves in the forest near my studio.


Sketching was a wonderful way to start each morning. In the past I wrote a minimum of three pages each morning, now I sketch for 20 mins. It's a great way to step into the day. In this practice, I feel like I've satiated my inner-artist and she has gifted me with pages of sketches to build into motifs. We have a great working relationship. :)



Building the motifs was a bit of a challenge becuase of the rectangular nature of the whirli-gigs. I added a mix of specks and organic round doodles that I decorate my journals with for balance.


Color is my main attraction to surface design. I could spend hours (okay, maybe days) exploring different combinations. In this mini collection, I established a larger print with a multicolored mixture of most of the pallette. To balance things a bit, I created smaller, more delicate patterns with limited color combinations. I think I'll explore adding a stripe and dotted pattern to extend the seed concept.


In the end, I think these designs could easily translate to baby clothing, nursery decor, tea towels, gift wrap, stationary and wallpaper.  Bonnie, you are a huge inspiration and a wonderful teacher. Here are the rest of my patterns. Thank you! :)






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