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Whimsied Hand Drawn Font

I have had an absolute blast designing my font! I followed along with Jenn over the course of a couple days, first sketching in pencil, then inking, then digitising my font. It's incredible how much it evolves as you go, and ideas you had at first suddenly don't quite work but something else happens and it's even better! I didn't have any graph paper to hand, but my regular old lined paper did the trick in a pinch.

As I was doodling, I decided to have a play with numbers and some of the punctuation also, just to see how it might go. I plan to keep working on this font, so I thought I'd see how it may all work together from the beginning.

I loved the way everything is structured the videos, as it kept it really organised and easy to import into Glyphs. I learned tons and have more confidence now to have a play and keep pushing this font's design. I still need to work on the spacing I think, and doing a lowercase set, but I'm pretty happy with what I've got so far. 

Once I had exported my font, I combined it with a old Instagram photo I took a few years ago in Weston-super-Mare, and here is the resulting preview:

It is REALLY cool to type and design with your own font. I am hooked.


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