Whimsical self portrait

Whimsical self portrait - student project


Whimsical self portrait - image 1 - student projectWhimsical self portrait - image 2 - student projectWow, I loved this project and this class ! I'm a very beginner in drawing and watercolor painting. So I made many mistakes. I've drawn too many fine line details in the hair, especially the flower branches and the red berries were too thin, so I had a hard time when it came to color the hair. It just didn't look nice, so I cheated a bit and I added white gel pen lines. Finally I quite like the effect it gives. I also went too heavy onto the eyelashes, it was my first time drawing a face so I didn't really know how to make them look nice. I took a photograph of myself to guide me when drawing the face from the side, the one with the flowers, and a picture of my daughters friend, a big horse lover for the second portrait. Thank you very much Irina for this great class ! I loved it !

Conny Fehlau
Drawing is my meditation