Whimsical girl

Whimsical girl - student project

This was my first warm-up, but I stopped before even finishing my layers because I wasn't feeling these colors. They are nice, but I didn't want my girl with yellow. No idea why, I just knew this was not my combination.Whimsical girl - image 1 - student project


And guess what?, I went for similar class colors because they are gorgeous and there's no escape to their magical whimsical nature. I was thinking about pizza so much when making my color wheel, I should have put some pepperoni dots , you know, for the sake of testing my watercolors ;)

Whimsical girl - image 2 - student project

And poof, no process pictures because once I started I didn't stop, it was really cool to make a face with these colors, I loooove how they work together. From my warm-up, I knew my paper wasn't the best for smooth gradients, mixing and soft edges, so I paid special attention to minimize the issue as much as possible. I really like that she looks like a doll, and those pink-blue-purple eyes, aaaahh! I want to make more eyes like that in the future.

Whimsical girl - image 3 - student project


Thank you Jessica!!

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