Whimsical dreams

Whimsical dreams - student project

It all started with a blue pencil sketch and my new mission gold watercolors I got from Jessica's latest Skillshare anniversay giveaway. You can barely see the sketch, but it's there, trust me. I think I'm in that phase where I dare to explore and put some of my "style" or personality to the illustration :D


Whimsical dreams - image 1 - student project


Here we have a WIP of my whimsy girl, relaxing, I imagine her resting somewhere near the sea, listening to the sound of waves or at least she is dreaming about it while listening to some relaxing nature music. I must say I looove how vibrant and saturated these watercolors are. Peacock blue is wonderful and I'm just thinking about projects where I can use it, hahaha! For the hair I tested different combinations and decided to use Cobalt blue, Peacock blue and Viridian for a touch of green.


Whimsical dreams - image 2 - student project


An finally, after layers, branches and details, here she is!


Whimsical dreams - image 3 - student project


I like it! :) every time I look at her, it reminds me that I should relax and take a break.

Thank you Jessica!

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