Whimsical and Effective

Whimsical and Effective - student project

I have enjoyed the mark making process in this class. I think it was good for me to let go of trying to get each leaf and mark correct. Also a big learning area was the process of building the tree from trunk, layering in the shades of color and continuing on with the leaves. I enjoyed doing this because I had better results than I would have guessed. The trick was to just keep going with the process and lots of practice. But practice was easy because it was fun. There were lots of techniques from the teacher, Jen. She is easy to follow, with clear instructions. I found it easy to watch her on the video and then repeat it myself. This is my 2nd class with Jen. I also recommend her Watercolor Bootcamp class. 


practice with x's

Whimsical and Effective - image 1 - student project


Practice with O's

Whimsical and Effective - image 2 - student project


A first tree - ran out of paper!Whimsical and Effective - image 3 - student project


A second tree with better results.

Whimsical and Effective - image 4 - student project


A tree on scrap paper, practicing putting in washes under the marks

Whimsical and Effective - image 5 - student project


Trees with back grounds

Whimsical and Effective - image 6 - student project

Whimsical and Effective - image 7 - student project


My final project, a tree from a photo 

Whimsical and Effective - image 8 - student project


Kimberly Ester
Watercolor Adventurer