Holly Rutt

Owner and Lead Designer at Sweet Pea Floral Design



Whimsical Rediscovery

This process and project inspired and helped me emensly as I plan for a big move in 6 weeks to the next phase of my life from renting and working in basements to owning a farmhouse and spacious barn/studio on 2 acres.  

I loved especially the reminicing with my mom which lead me to an important epiphany which I would like to share here:

The Problem: As owner of two creative small businesses www.littleflowersoap.com and www.sweetpfloral.com I am interviewed pretty regularly by bloggers, the list of questions they send almost always includes How did you know you wanted to do this?  I know they are looking for an answer like "ever since I was a little girl I have known I wanted to play with flowers"  but that wouldn't be true and I value being genuine, my real answer kept coming up.... I'm doing it for the money which isn't something you want to tell to a blogger because its gross and made me feel pretty ashamed just to think it.

The Solution: During my short conversation with my mom about what I was like as a little girl we stumbbled upon a few themes, I loved to pack a big bag and go out into the garden and set up camp on a blanket with lots of different books, blank paper , a set of pens markers, snacks, music, prepared to spend the whole day in nature discovering things and writing them down.  I talked to myself for hours in the back of the car on long drives from Detroit to Tornoto and when asked to write papers for school i would often make them 3 x longer then the teacher requested.  I liked to be left alone to do things my own way..... then she said something really intersting... I prefered a safe space to create without being critiqued BINGO!! The answer to my shame I didn't start my businesses for the money I started them because they enabled me to work full time in a safe space away from the fear, critique, judgment, or small mindedness of others.  



My 4 collections revealed my hearts desire to cultivate and currate 3 quaint whimsical spaces

A sweet charming cozy farmhouse 

A playful earthy garden with loads of lavender

A lightfilled studio with a small retail corner

Maybe it is my desire to "Choose All" in the words of St Therese of Liesiux but I choose to believe that the three things are really just parts of one NORTH STAR a cohesive complex of home, garden and business that play well together, compliment one another and serve as a whole to enrich my life and community.


As enticing as taking my safe space on a trip to paris sounds I think a better date might be to an inspiring independent garden shop or mabye to meet with a contractor!! The below polebarn studio will need plumbing, gas, insulation, drywall, flooring a furnace, AC a cooler etc etc and until that is done I will STILL be running the business from the house which will STILL look like a soap and flowers war zone so yes I think going on a treesome date with a contractor is step 1 


The site of our new studio in Chelsea Michigan


Our first home an 1840s farmhouse just begging to be surrounded by split rail fence and lavender (studio in background)


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