Whimsical Glamour

I also happen to be a photographer so I am always on Pinterest, or in magazines looking for inspiration. I have always been an artsy person so it wasn't until recently I still felt like I wanted more and needed more in the art world..and that is what I thought I should dabble into art/illustrations or graphic design and perhaps get my graphic design degree. I'm still thinking of ways I can combine art with my photography that I think can be so different and unique.

These images below explains my artistic style a bit. I absolutely love drama, yet with feminine to it. I love the dresses being long and dramatic with the way it's blowing into the air, yet still has that beauty and glamour to it. I love the hint of flowers around the person and pops of colors around them, it's such a great contrast of light colors/flowers/feminine against drama/movement. I feel it tells more of a story too when there is drama  & color to the outfit or the image. 


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