Which way?

Which way? - student project

Take 2 on fore-and mid-ground photo with "flora"; take 2 on "frame"; geometry, leading lines, a few attempts at abstractions, and a few others:

Flora. Sans the punk photobombing orchids or trees, but now not really in thirds. Does this work better?

Which way? - image 1 - student project

Tire Swing. Here's a new attempt at frame within a frame. I definitey still need practice here, but I think this is an improvement on my previous unsuccessful attempts. Any more suggestions/tips?

Which way? - image 2 - student project

Geometry and lines:

Power Lines. I liked the lines here even though there really isn't much of an actual "subject":Which way? - image 3 - student project

Slide. Would this work as a reverse leading line? I don't think my eyes follow the slide to the subject, but I get the line afterwards.

Which way? - image 4 - student project

Tahitian Cat. This was actually part of a much larger scene that included a frame, but a really distracting and unattractive background. Does the line lead past the cat, or is it close enough to leading to it?

Which way? - image 5 - student project

Chicago. This isn't exactly a leading "line," but I thought the stepped up garden (both the edges and the layers), combined with the opening in the trees, guided my eye to the subject.

Which way? - image 6 - student project

Carnation. I have mixed feelings about this photo. Does it work to use the background lines as leading lines to the carnation? 

Which way? - image 7 - student project

Organ. A little bit of geometry with lots of leading lines. I left the greenery in the photo because I felt like it "grounded" the organ rather than having it completely (randomly?) suspended although I'm not sure the greenery makes it any less random. Thoughts?

Which way? - image 8 - student project

V. An attempt at geometric abstraction, although I'm not sure I'm capturing the idea correctly.

Which way? - image 9 - student project

Tree. Attempt at another abstraction, this time non-geometric.

Which way? - image 10 - student project

Dome. Another attempt. This was a dome/nest in a garden that you could walk through.

Which way? - image 11 - student project

- - - - - 

Week 1:

Photos I've taken from around the world and over time (since the only other photos I've been taking lately are close-ups of my baby), most of them shot center-focused (the only way I knew how). So, I've gone in and cropped them to try and make them "work" for the objective of the lesson, and look forward to receiving feedback that I can incorporate into photos I take going forward! Thanks!


Tried to apply rule of thirds; fore- and backgrounds.

Which way? - image 12 - student project


Rule of thirds; subject placement; fore-, mid- and backgrounds.

Which way? - image 13 - student project


I struggled with this one, but love the actual frame. Help!

Which way? - image 14 - student project


Does the rule of thirds work diagonally? ..wish there weren't those extra legs in the shot!

Which way? - image 15 - student project


I personally love this photo (cropped to "thirds"), but not sure it really fits the "rules"..?

Which way? - image 16 - student project


Fore-, mid- and backgrounds; subject placement.

Which way? - image 17 - student project


I love this photo too for the frame of the sunglasses, showing the eye AND reflection, which also includes a window frame, but it doesn't seem to work otherwise. I suppose I struggle with the "frame" concept - help!

Which way? - image 18 - student project

I do have a few other photos I'd love feedback on, but seem to have run out of space here...