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Which way do I go?

This is my first foray into the world of generative art & processing.  I've done a once over through the videos but will need to go back to understand the grid a little better if I want to do these mathmatical alignments.

I'm excited about the possiblities for incorporating this into my textile designs.

Next, I'm hoping to incorporate more organic vector art that I have already created.


OK, so here's the next step I'm semi-happy with...still need to work out how not to see the edges of the svg so much.  Next I want to blend this with another vector pattern I have...hm.


Getting closer.  Thinking I need to divide each of the two svg's into more svg's.


OK, so HDrawablePool is awesome and super helpful!  This is going to get fun now...I still want to work on an animal print motif but didn't want to waste time futzing with svgs at the moment.  Went with this existing floral to test out the grids / layering / transparency.  thank you for the help!  hoping to use processing to create some commercial textiles.

Playing with HShapeLayout


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