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Which software do you need for your business? Ask the internet.

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Pain: {what keeps them awake at night}

The average digital marketer has to juggle dozens pieces of software daily.  Marketers have to spend a lot of  time choosing software and tools, some costing tens of thousands of dollars, without knowing in advance whether the software will work for them. 


Current review and assessment services are all funded by the vendors themselves and lack objectivity.  References are provided by vendors themselves.  And the busy marketer only has so much time to call friends and ask what software they are using.

The result is that a marketer will know more in advance about the $10 lunch they will buy than they will about the $100k software package they need for their business.  

Goal: {What’s their dream?}

To make buying software and tools as easy and risk free as picking lunch so you can get back to kicking ass at work. 

Help {How can you solve their pain?}

Aggregate reviews of other customers of software-as-a-service companies. Marketers help marketers.  IT pros help IT pros.  No ads.  Just reviews and commentary by experts. 


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