Which Flicks

Which Flicks - student project

There is one thing I do every time I think about going to the theatre to see a movie: check Rotten Tomatoes to see what all of the critics are saying about that film. Most of the time, that score determines whether or not I will see it.

These critics can be helpful when deciding if a movie is worth the price, but there has been times when this has been misleading. This brings me to the idea of Which Flicks.

Which Flicks is an app that will allow users the ability to rank films, past or present, with three simple classifications: Good, Bad, or Meh. The app will also have a social aspect to allow each of the users to see what their friends are watching and what they think about what they've seen.

When a user searches for a specific film, they will be shown the number of people that chose each of the three classifications. I believe this will help to simplify the decision making process of going to the movies and will help to personalize the recommendations.

Chris Oakley

Financial Aid Admin