Whether weather app

Whether weather app - student project

I wanted a weather app that could show in a really quick interface "whether it is a good day to bike or not". I divided the factors that I think make a bad or good bike ride and then color coded bad- red, semi-bad- orange, moderate- yellow, good- yellow-green, excellent- green.

After sketching a circle I decided that it would never work to communicate what I wanted it to communicate. I was thinking of bar graphs and other graphs, but finally came up with a path, which I think goes with the theme of biking nicely. 

Here it is so far. Comments, criticism, feedback much appreciated.

Whether weather app - image 1 - student project

New version! I decided to switch to a gradient to communicate the bad, good, excellent rating for temperature, precipitation percentage, and wind. I think it makes the most sense to do RealFeel temperature, but I'm still debating how I should show that. And if I want to add wind direction, because that can be a big factor in my morning commute.

I want the user to be able to scrub back in time an hour or so, so I added that possibility to my timeline. 

Whether weather app - image 2 - student project

Whether weather app - image 3 - student project