Whether App

Whether is an app for all you young ladies (and stylish guys) out there who just want to know what the hell the weather is going to be like so you know whether you should wear your new leather boots, or a sexy set of pumps. HAHAHAHA okay pun time is over.

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I really want to focus on keeping the app as simple as possible. Because of this I want to scrap most of the variables you find in weather applications and keep it to the bare minimum so that the information is easy to digest, process and acted upon. 

The app will have a short onboarding process which asks you if you are a boy or a girl (for obvious reasons) and then gives you a quick tutorial on how to use the app.

The apps main screen will give you a summry of the weather for that day and a quick tip on what to wear. For example: If it is going to be hot (70 degrees) but windy later in the day, the app would tell you to opt for shorts/skirt and  a sweater in case it gets cold (which it will).

Whether App - image 1 - student project

This may seem complicated, but I feel like the majority of clothing combos can be grouped into a few basic temperature categories and slightly modified if it is windy / rainy. The categories are as follows:

Really really fucking cold: < 10 Degrees / snowing / end of the earth / Canada

Really cold out: 10-32 Drgeees

Uncomfortably cold: 32-40 Degrees

Cold: 40-50 Degrees

Pleasant: 50-65

Warm: 65-75

Hot: 75-85

Tropical: 85-95

I plan on grouping a few combinations of outfits together for each category in case one particular suggestion does not meet the needs of the person using the application.