Whet Willie's Knife Co.

Whet Willie's Knife Co. - student project

For my label design I have chosen to craft a label/package design for a factious company named "Whet Willie's Knife Company" When I think of hand lettering two words automatically come to mind - "Vintage" and "Craftsmanship". I believe that a knife also embodies those words. Knives have been around for a very long time and are still in the pockets of most. I think a hand lettered label is the only way to go for a good ole trusty pocket knife.

The name stems from the word "Whet" which means "to sharpen the blade of" and "Willie" which is probably the name of a guy that never leaves the house without a pocket knife. Plus the alliteration and familar phrase help make the company more memorable.  

Phase 1: Mood Board:

Whet Willie's Knife Co. - image 1 - student project

Whet Willie's Knife Co. - image 2 - student project

Phase 2:

I have started to the sketch out kind of what I want the logo to look like. I'm contemplating on whether or not I want a script or seirf lettering; I think I'm leaning more towards script. Also, while doing research I notice that most vintage products used a curved envelope to emphasize the focal point of the packaging. I like that idea a lot and it will most likely be used on my logo as well.


Whet Willie's Knife Co. - image 3 - student project