Ellen Mullen

Almost a palindrome.



Wherefore art thou my sweet sweet truffle

FINE & RAW continues to crush their marketing emails; I repeatedly forward these emails to brighten friends' days. The company's mission is "to save the world through silliness and chocolate!"  Check out FINE & RAW's elegant and hilarious email text below.

ROMEO: (to himself) She speaks. Oh, speak again, bright angel. You are as glorious as an angel tonight. You shine above me, like a winged messenger from heaven who makes mortal men fall on their backs to look up at the sky, watching the angel walking on the clouds and sailing on the air. (Romeo eats FINE & RAW salted truffle)

JULIET: (not knowing ROMEO hears her) Oh, Romeo, Romeo, why do you have to be Romeo? Forget about your father and change your name. Or else, if you won’t change your name, just swear you love me and I’ll stop being a Capulet. (Juliet eats FINE & RAW salted truffle)

FINE & RAW valentine's collection available here

See the original email here: http://bit.ly/1SQvTsL

Now go eat some chocolate.


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