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"Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world...I miss you..."

I went to the movies this past Saturday with my son and saw The Huntsman: Winter’s War and it got me thinking about the deep love we feel for our children, parents, significant others, and friends and the grief, despair and emptiness we have all experienced when that love is lost.

There is a quote by Edna St. Vincent Millay that sums it up.

“Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. I miss you like hell.”

So, for my modern masterpiece, I am going to focus on intense love (the kind that changes you) one feels for another being, and the grief and despair experienced when we no longer have that love.

I chose a deep red to symbolize love and anger, I chose white and light turquoise blue to symbolize despair and loss, and black for grief.


Materials used-

8”x10” flat canvas (looks like a board)

Liquitex acrylics – Titanium White, Primary Blue, Primary Red, Mars Black, Light Green, Light Blue

For the red squares – mixed large amount of Primary Red with small amount of Mars Black and small amount of Primary Blue to create a deep red that looks like blood

For light blue square – mixed large amount of Titanium White with small amount of Light Blue and super tiny amount of Light Green to create an ice blue color to look like ice

For black square and outlines – used Mars Black only

Painted squares using No. 10 flat brush, masked the squares per the video

Here is a pic of my canvas (taken with cell phone camera – sorry for the quality) before I painted on my personalized touch:


For my personal touch, I recently came across a post by an artist named Isabella Smith at
Her post was about drawing faces in one continuous line. I was intrigued by the idea and started sketching faces without lifting my pencil off the paper.

Here are a couple of my single line faces. These little sketches were fun to draw. I used my cell phone to take pictures of the faces so the quality is bad (sorry).


I ended up completing a less free flowing and more stylized version of a continuous line face based on her concept for placement on my Mondrian. I cheated and did lift my pencil off the page (ha ha!) for my final version (I need structure!!!). Due to the nature of my theme (grief, anger, heartache, love, despair), I felt that my face needed to be less fun and more crisp (if that makes sense).

Here is the face sketch, I am going to use on my masterpiece:


I found this technique on the internet - To transfer my face onto the canvas, I traced my face in black ink on tracing paper (step 1) and on the back of my paper, I rubbed a 6b pencil over my drawing (step 2). I flipped my drawing back over and taped it to my canvas and retraced my drawing (step 3). The 6B pencil transferred onto my canvas so I could paint over the lines (step 4).

Here are pics of my face transfer process (bad cell phone quality- sorry).


I painted personalized face details with white using No. 3 round brush.

Here is my final acrylic masterpiece. I scanned this using my printer at 600 dpi - quality came out super!:



To do - For the heck of it, I think I may try a watercolor version of the same piece to see how it turns out.


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