Where to Eat

Where to Eat - student project

This is an app that allows people to easily find restaurants based on what they want. I would love it if I could get feedback especially since I have 0 visual design background. I am in computer programming and I am tired of the apps and sites we made in class so I wanted to learn how to design something so it looks nice and not from the 90s. I do realize that I could have added so other user friendly pages but I want this to be some practice before I try to design the apps and sites we made in class. I also realize that it looks very plain but it still looks better then anything I have done for school so this is a step up. I am planning to learn some more visual design before I try to make anything I design a reality. I would also like to say thank you for this class and these videos, they were very helpful! :) - I noticed the doc didn't get uploaded properly but everything is there.