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Jonathan Ball

Letterer & Typographic Designer



Where there's a Willie

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my project.

I've always wanted to get into After Effects and this class seems like the perfect introduction. I've dabbled a little with basic animations like moving and fading some type, but nothing this fun.

It didn't take long for me to decide that my first try at character animation would be with one of the most well known animated characters of all time. A far cry from Disney, but I thinking I'm making great strides (no pun intended).

I probably should've posted the artwork first before animating it, but I was just too excited to see it come to life. I ran throught the videos a little quicker than I thought I might. Other than a few small details like the nose and the nail, I followed the lessons pretty closely. 

Here's the result:

Of course, had I thought ahead a little I could have animated the hat and ears, but those were all on the same layer. I can't seem to get additonal layers from AI after the fact. Does anyone know if it's possible to add layers into an AI file once it's been improted into AE?

Regardless, I think it turned out pretty cool. Tonight I'm going to try adding a repeating background.

Stay tooned!


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