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Where the Wild Things Are

Initial Book Choice (11/8/2013)

There were several book choices in the running, including Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein and The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric CarleBut, have time and time again come back to one of my favorites: Where the Wild Things Are. I still absolutely love this book, even when I was first read this book as a child. I even ran to see the 2009 movie in theaters and fell in love with the story over again!

I can't wait to post progress to my project and show everyone. :-)


Sketching (11/19/2013)

These are my notes and sketches that go along with it. I wanted to not only get keywords as Jessica suggested as I read the book, but dig deeper into Maurice Sendack and find out his inspirations behind why he decided to create Where the Wild Things Are.

My notes

The book is about Max, causing lots of chaos (which includes chasing his dog down the stairs with a fork). He gets sent to his room, where the many adventures begin where he sails to a make-believe destination where the wild things are. After Max had his fun, he wanted to be where people would love him the most and sailed away, back to his room where his supper was hot and waiting for him by his bed.

As I kept reading the book, I was feeling like I was in a magical place where I could travel anywhere. But, there were many references to the monsters as "they roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth". This seemed to persist as I carried the book throughout the office; many referencing that line and saying how it used to be their child's favorite book when they were younger. This even included one of Maurice's moments, as a child whom received one of his drawings in the mail loved it so much, he ate it!

So, I couldn't resist the idea of trying to incorporate the gnashing teeth and their terrible roars. Some of the sketches were just random ideas I had to get out of my head, but wanted to get everyone's opinion on them.

My sketch ideas

The bottom two weren't a part of the main letter I'm doing (which is M), but might be cool to do if I get done with main letter I wanted to do.

But the ideas I liked the most are closest to the starting point/plain M's, where it's a mouth with very large teeth. Or, creating my very own slithering monster similar to the real wild things from the book. The ideas I liked the most are below:


Concept Finalization (11/30/2013)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I haven't had much time to initially sketch out my final concepts, but finally dived in and came up with something that I'm falling for.

Following Jessica's advice, I tried to figure out from the skeleton down what I was going to go with, especially if I was going to go with either of these two concepts from my sketching phase.

My "Skeletons"

As I finally decided something along the lines of the skinny with a little bit of curves (the one towards the center of the page), I went back to my initial concept. One of the most famous phrases from the book, "We'll eat you up, we love you so" came to mind. Especially because of when I started to create the shape, there were the two upper curves of the <3 that began to take shape.

So hopefully, it portrays the idea of gobbling up all the love the monsters wanted as Max was leaving. But, I also loved the idea of leaving it plain, for the dark and scary style to his illustrations he wanted to portray.

My Letter M Concepts

The one in the mid-right, I wanted to have two monster arms grasping upon a heart. Then, the same idea with the top-right - only I wanted the nails on the monster hands to create the M.

After trying to create a monster using the letter M, I knew that this wasn't going to be properly drawn well and can never create a monster as well as my brother nor Maurice.

So I decided after going for the initial shapes, the ones in the below image are the ones I may experiment with and try drawing out more:

The one on the very top is taking the phrase "We'll eat you up, we love you so" very literally - the "monster" eating a heart to represent love. The bottom ones are very similar, the only difference being I put eyes on the right one, which is hiding the rounder shape on the top of the left M.

I plan on finalizing this main concept, but feedback would be wonderful in guiding me in the right direction with the progress I have so far. :)


Detailed Concept (12/6/2013)

After taking into consideration all of the comments, I knew I needed to get more detailed with the initial concepts from up above.

In the process, I had the book in toe as I created the final details for the drop cap and even had another idea I about fell in love with!

Detailed Drop Caps

The other concept was turning the M into legs of the striped monster in the book, but think I could finish the fully detailed one after I got done with the final one down below. Can't wait to get this into Illustrator and make this! :)

Final Detailed Concept


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