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Where reality emerges

LÁRÁ: creative kaleidoscope • design and craft

DNA and GUTS are broken down into two parts. DNA being the building blocks that inspired my pursuit of purpose and the GUTS being the first layer produced from the DNA.


Lola, my daughter. Kids are powerful little beings. As much as they need guidance, they also are guides in themselves. She's one of the biggest reasons why I’m pursuing my dreams. 


To find oneself in this space is to reveal the truth. LÁRÁ’s truth is that she was born with creativity. In acknowledging the visual creative that started drawing cartoon characters as a child to learning about design in the beginnings of adulthood to pushing back the internal battles to pursue a creative purpose of quality, legacy, belief, and possibility.


LÁRÁ’s core is to be a multidisciplinary creative firm. The initial beginnings will focus on surface and print design. 



Where reality emerges. 

Coming into this world, even if one is to sit ideal for the rest of one's life, reality is our existence. We cannot escape the nuances of having been in the past, being present, and moving towards the future. Even in death, reality is always there. It is obvious that reality is definable to everyone and anyone who is and has lived, but how does it relate to starting a business? Just as in our everyday experiences of life, business is very much rooted in reality. It's very much an ambitious move to bring your dream/passion into manifestation, but in allowing oneself to see with understanding the rawness of reality, I believe, even in business, it can be your greatest ally.

Be one with the Zion Wolf

Jai Paul's Zion Wolf is a great embodiment of this notion of where reality emerges because it reveals. The questions, dilemmas, everything that can come in pursuing love, health, happiness, passion, etc. is embodied in lyrics that delve into an understanding through growth.  

Looking into the meaning of “Zion”, I came across this definition “where reality emerges” and the "Wolf" symbolizing various things such as wisdom puts all in perspective of, again, the growth that can come from reality. So, go ahead, and be one with the Zion Wolf.  

Click here to listen to Zion Wolf

In the company of wolves

Will I make it through the night?

If I stay with you

I might

When I’m out there on my own

I don’t know 

In the company of fools

Can I win or only loose?


Cause where the land becomes the sea

That’s where I’ll be

Can I make you fall in love

With me?

Can I make you fall in love

With me?

We’ll see

In the company of Thieves

Will I stay or will I leave?    

Will they steal away my life?

I’m not goin’ down without no fight

I might..

But in the company of kings

I learnt the wisdom of all things

Then Ill come for you I will

Can i make you fall in love

With me?

Can I make you fall in love

With me?

We’ll see

Where reality emerges in Zion Wolf is through honest dilemmas in the pursuit. It’s a combination of various factors that are battling or aligning themselves with the main element, Self. Internal and/or external forces full of questions and concerns and wisdom revealed to eventually lead to one's ultimate purpose. Know that the possibilities are just as real as the battles and vice versa. It's not about dwindling, but acknowledging truth(s) (a.k.a. reality) in pursuing one's dreams/passions. In doing so, dreams/passions no longer only linger or fail, but are allowed to successfully manifest. 

"I find that reality is like one of those natural laws that are intrinsic on purpose to make aware of the simplicity of things, in hopes, that it stirs you forward in wisdom." 


Taking on this project was very much a challenge. Below are a few of the sketches and notes of this experience. 

Notes from each lesson in the class

First of many sketches in putting this project together


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