Melanie Walter



Where is your nose?

have one's nose in a book: Fig. to be reading a book, ro read books all the time.

I am a middle school history teacher by day and avid reader by night.  I adore reading books, and I relish the adventures I can take while reading them.

Books have augmented my travels, served as an escape from a tough day, and inspired my creativity in so many ways. 

I want to foster and encourage a love of reading amongst my students.  My goal is for this video to spark my students' interests and make them want to go to the library and get their nose in a book!

Here we go:

I stumbled across this flickr photo group with amazing vintage library posters.  I'm so stoked that they are public domain-I'll certainly keep this in my resources!

Well, I've tackled my fear and created my video!  It is my first foray into Imovie, so any suggestions are welcome.  Hope you enjoy!


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