Where does the Physical Meet with the Spiritual? | Skillshare Projects

Where does the Physical Meet with the Spiritual?

For the time being, here's a brief written synopsis of my idea for this project. I'll include accompanying visuals this weekend.


I've had this song lyric rattling around inside my head for some time now. It's from the song "Reflections" by Mae, and it's a very intriguing question to me. I'm excited to do this project and translate it into a typographic piece.

From my research, the greatest potential for this quote is in the contrast between Physical and Spiritual. I'd like to choose two different typographic influences to base each word on. 

The way I see it, Physical would be based on big, bold wood type with thick slab serifs.

As for the Spiritual part I immediately thought of illuminated manuscripts, specifically the Book of Kells. It would be more flowing and ornate. It also has a gorgeous colour pallete to borrow from. 


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