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Where You Can Start

I've read Seth for a while, but this is my first venture into real marketing. I figure that after two and a half years in my role, I should know a little about how to market us.


We are church that will start where you are; no matter your history or background. We’ll grow together (as a community) as daily disciples. Our end goal is to follow Jesus and to be able to love like Jesus loves.


Prone to update as I wait for answers from my colleagues.

  • What is Marketing for? Connecting people to God, and the ministries of Southeast, so they can become a daily disciple. What is the story we are telling? Is it true? How do we tell it more vividly, so people want to share it?
  • What are we allowed to touch? Name, art, sometimes structure.
  • What can we as marketers measure? Website hits. Website conversions. Cards taken. Social shares. Attendance numbers (overall). Giving numbers (overall).
  • What can we change? Internal: language. Internal: existing customer sharing. External: how people think about church and Jesus.
  • What promise are we going to make? Boss: We can increase attendance by putting more effort and thought into our marketing. Customer: We will start where you are. How will I keep it?
  • What’s the hard part? Getting people to walk in the doors.
  • Should your organization be making trends or following trends? No idea.
  • Where is the risk? That we won’t keep our promise, and make church feel like more of the same.
  • Who is in charge? Me (with collaboration)
  • Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for? Google (Local searches). Facebook (Local awareness). Twitter (Discipleship for the masses)? Invites (Less cards, more items)?
  • How should we be spending our time? No idea.


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