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"Where The Servers Don't Wear Pants" - The Red Stag Tavern


I have been in control of all of the Social Media (SM) platforms that we use for The Red Stag Tavern for a couple of years.  However it wasn't until I read The Thank You Economy" that it all clicked.  And boy did it click.  After reading TTYE, I immediately started to change our restaurant culture and we started our new motto "Caring Counts".  Basically the idea was to take service to the next level.  By using the ideas of the book, and what I already knew about service, utilize SM to get our word out.  So I had started this project to try and extend that idea.  However, since we were already doing that.  I decided to go another direction.


@TheRedStagHFX - "Where The Servers Don't Wear Pants"

Our restaurant is in a very tourist driven area.  We get lots of cruiseship passengers in the Summer, and the city of Halifax gets a lot of students in the Winter.  Our service staff all wear Nova Scotian Tartan kilts, and the tourists love it.  When coming up with our new T shirts, I wanted something that didn't just show our logo and the name of our city on it (The front of the shirt does still show this).  We came up with the motto "Where The Servers Don't Wear Pants".

(Above, you can see that we can be a little silly with our SM.  This was from the beginning of last Summer and shows the kilts that the staff wear.)

In house people loved our new "No pants" motto.  The older cruiseship passengers immediately got the joke, and thought it was just naughty enough to buy for their kids and grandkids.  Students also have found it funny, but we haven't sold as many to them. 

So, I thought that since we are near Christmas I could use this class for a little sales push for these T Shirts.  As I have not done much SM marketing for retail whatsoever.

Below are the posts that I came up with, using our motto, and putting into action what our fantastic teacher has illustrated to us.

Side Note: I have never taken any marketing courses, but I am the one who comes up with all of the ideas.  However, I find it VERY important to have the staff involved, and as you will see, they are all willing to help out whenever I need them.



This is what the description said:

Who wears the pants in your family?

(I also added the link that took them to the page where they could find out where to buy the shirt)

Jab or Right Hook: Right Hook (but I still have some fluff in there)



-  I attached a link that took them to our Facebook page that had all of the details of how to purchase the shirt.

Jab or Right Hook: The picture is definitely a jab, with a bit of a right hook in the description. 



This is what the description said:

"Give it the old tap tap tap aroo" @Tians  #christmas #presents #souvenirs #halifax #novascotia #nopants #caringcounts

(side note: I linked it to my Twitter feed, and tagged @Tians, which is the Nova Scotia Tourism account)

Jab or Right Hook: Jab, but with a tiny oomph behind it.



(There were two trending hashtags that I used)

We attached the above pic.

This is what the tweet said:

All we want for  is....Pants!  While you're at it, all  wants for Christmas is a belt. ;)

Jab or Right Hook: Jab

I broke the rules Gary, sorry.  I did not do one for Tumblr but......

In lieu of Tumblr, here is a Vine post I did




"Where the servers don't wear pants"

Jab or Right Hook: Jab

Thanks for taking a look at my project. 


Adam Purcell


The Red Stag Tavern



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