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Mark Todd




Where Technology and Creativity Meet

After a year of research and studio play, using various methods of content creation and playback, I have finally managed to get a project that draws on all of these skills and resources. I did the first of Josh's courses and it was excellent and having built a generative setup using Quartz Composer and VDMX 5, I have decided that coding the whole thing would be lighter and more stable. QC and VDMX5 have a tendancy to bug out or fall over and also many assets have to be pre-built or are better at just being influenced rather than generated. So the project I am working on will run in tandem to the way I learn this course. So big thanks to Josh and I look forward to sharing my progress.

Below are images from Quartz Composer Setup, I am hoping to better these and make a more rhobust system in Processing:


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