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Where Soul Meets Body

"Where Soul Meets Body"

For this project I was originally going to choose a phrase that was clever and inspiring, however that quickly changed once Death Cab for Cutie's "Soul Meets Body" came on. Prior to my final draft, I had wanted to write out the entire phrase "I want to live where soul meets body," but ended up shortening it. I begun to brainstorm some ideas and adjectives that described where I thought that this magical place was. For me, it seemed to gravitate towards nature, trees and the great outdoors. After deciding which route I wanted to take, I threw all of my words and inspirational images on a mood board.

With a solid idea of what kind of feeling I wanted to capture, I begun sketching some letterforms. I chose the word "soul" to sketch. This is where I was just sketching anything that came to mind and above all others, the dimmensional wood letterforms stuck to me. However, the blockiness of these particular letterforms did not seem to represent the word "soul." So I roughed out more of a rugged, branch and vine style (lower right). I also took a liking to spelling a word out in a spiders web. Just another thing to add that relates to the outdoors.  

I refined a few of my styles that I liked. Loved the blocky wood style I came up with, even though I knew it wouldn't be for the word "soul." I played with more organic branches that seemed to work much better. I also played around with some scribbled letterforms, but decided not to devlop those any further. 

I didn't spend much time with the thumbnail phase. While sketching out roughs, I was kind of invisioning how it would look the whole time. I used this step to essentially draw out the format I had been thinking about. The toughest part was figuring out how to fit the word "meets" in between "soul" and "body." Finally, I related back the spider web concept and thought it would be cool to have intersecting webs, with suspended dew that spelt out "meets." 

After roughing out my final piece in pencil, I began to outline with a pen. After doing so, I went back in with pencil to add some contrast. I didn't want to go completely black and white, as I felt that would take away from the organic aspect just a bit. I did use the blocky wood letter forms I had loved from the beginning for "body" which was a more appropriate fit. The letterforms for "Soul" were very fun to create and I loved weaving the "where" into the branches. I am very pleased with the final result, and the process was a fantastic one. Thank you Mary for a wonderful class! I hope you all enjoyed my process (and finished piece)! 



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