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Brandi Ellis

Learning as if I were to live forever.



Where I live

Thanks for viewing my project!  I used a combination of Snapseed, VSCOcam, BIg Lens and SKRWT in the editing process.

I struggle to make the investment of time to discover what is around me and this project has become a first step in pushing myself forward.  From a high perspective you can see the train station where everyone meets to get from one place to another.

Perspective can be found from the low lines while challenging the you to find the depth ahead.

This is reflective of how very little of myself I move through the neighborhood. I think it is time to jump in with both feet and move forward.

This tool helped me consider other ways of looking at the things I pass by; moving quickly has cut me off from appreciating where I live. 

This project was a great way to challenge myself. I'll be looking for additional views to discover more about where I live.  


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