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Where I Live - Marlboro, MA

I have been living in Marlboro, MA for the past 17 years and despite the city's tremendeous growth into a thriving high tech business center, there are some hidden pockets of land which still represent the area's farming and industrial past.

This first set of images was taken at EastLeigh Farms, a working dairy farm that has seen better times.  There is a small general store which sells fresh eggs, milk and or course, ice cream.  The guernsey cows are very curious, sticking their heads between the fence rail to investigate the clicking from my camera phone.

Shoe manufacturing accounts for much of Marlboro's successful industrial past, at one point home to several factories including the Frye boot company and Rockport shoes.   Many of these building have been torn down, destroyed by fire or since converted to condominum apartments or lofts.  Those building still in use have lost much of their original architectural charms having been modernized to meet their current purpose.  That said, the series below is from an old manufacturing building located in the area where Howe Shoes and Frye Shoes had several small plants.  I am not sure which owned these buildings, now used by a small auto parts and repair shop

Marlboro has varied history, having played a part in early American history including King Philip's War, the American Revolution as well as the Civil War.  Longfellow's Wayside Inn and Marth Mary Chapel are two structures still standing today which serve as reminders of that time-both are open to the public.  Martha Mary Chapel is a beautifully constructed building with many interesting architectural details that has been featured in several major motion pictures (This Side of the Truth, The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past)


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