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Where Do We Go Now ?

While religious tensions are more actual than ever in the Middle East, especially in Lebanon, which has been my home country for more than fifteen years, they can seem unfounded, vague and vaporous to the Western world.

Featuring Nadine Labaki (who's also the film director), this film tells the story of a lost, unnamed village from the Lebanese mountains,  torn apart by conflicts between its Christian and Muslim communities as a civil war rages in the country, and relates, with a hint of humor, the efforts the village women of both faiths put into preventing their men from fights.


With elements of a musical, a melodrama and a multicultural romance, "Where Do We Go Now?" is as hard to define as the crossroads region where it's set. What I will be trying to do with this visual platform is to make young people from the first-world aware that laicity and tolerance are hard-gained values. But also, to get them more familiar with some more hidden and unexpected aspects of the Middle-Eastern culture and way of thinking.

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