Saleem Reshamwala

Basically, I make Sesame Street for adults



Where Baghdad At?!?!/Mask Collective

I just dislocated my shoulder dancing stupidly. I have some time to draw.

I make videos for a living. I used to write on them a lot (here's an old one: ).

Lately, some of my videos look a lot more "professional" and a lot less fun. I want to bring back the weird and push things. I might use the results of this in my personal branding, or in my branding for a music video I'm doing for a project called Mask Collective (a scribbled logo sketch is my cover photo).

1st ASSIGNMENT: Okay, so here's some references. First some signs I've seen.

The awesome juice stand near my uncle's house:

The plumber across from my grandma's house:

My brother and sister in front of the Baba School of Music (on a dusty day):

And some stuff I've liked around the web.

Okay, that's the references. Here's the

2nd ASSIGNMENT: Go to a coffee shop, make marks:

Just had a ballpoint w/ me. Maybe I should go back w/ something else?

What I'd love (since I have a gigantic whiteboard nearby): A really gigantic way to write on a whiteboard. Like a bucket of dry-erase ink and a sponge the size of my skull.


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