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When you reach 25 students!

Hey peeps. So I wanted to update my class project to my latest class. I find the task of trending very daunting. Out of all the classes I've published, it has only happened once.


I think building a strong Skillshare class is very difficult. Unless you don't have a very big skillshare following, your class will not trend. If your class does not trend, you will not get very big following. I try to maintain a consistent channel.

I know my content is liked because I get very good reviews and within 3 days of publishing this class I got positive reviews with people looking forward to what I'm teaching next.

Can anyone give me some advice on what to do next?


Hi everyone!

So this is not my first class on Skillshare. But I absolutely suck at content marketing (Social Media and I don't gel together) and I hardly garnered any student following through that medium. I had one class which did quite well, but enrollments have been trickling since then.

As a trick, I have kept my class free for the first 3 days! 

Ps. Here's my class: Faux Watercolor Lettering

Since I have a decent following on Pinterest, I have decided to share my class over there! My Instagram and Twitter are actually related to books, so I cannot post any announcements there, as all my followers are Bookaholics haha.

I have tried to make an interesting class project, something that is simple yet appealing. Let's see if people are more interested in making the project then.

Also, a second trick I have realized is that you need to have an absolutely compelling cover image, which is appealing enough for someone to want to check it out. This was my initial cover images, but then I went with the one posted above.


So it's just been 24 hours and I have 25 student enrollments! Every time one of my class hits 25, it is the most amazing feeling ever!! 



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