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When to press the shutter button and angled shots

I've been told that I have a knack of when to shoot an object.   Here is a funny picture from an Airforce airshow.   A fast memory card does help.

Timing sports shots takes practice too.   The trick to this one is to frame up the batter with the view finder and press the the shutter half way down.   Then look away from the view finder and at the pitcher and time when he releases the ball.   Shoot at the moment and the camera will take a shot when the ball arives at the plate.   Here is Derek Jeter about to hit a single of a New York Yankee / Baltimore Orioles game.   I wasn't in rapid fire mode but it can help.

Also, angled shots are a cool way to present your subject.   Here is a picture of my friend, Margarita, at an outdoor restaurant.   Notice that Margarita and her lobster fill the frame pretty well.

Here is another example of an angled shot with a leading line.   These are life preservers hanging from a ferry's ceiling in Toronto.   WIth a angled shot, I'm able to take fill the frame with more life preservers compare to a straight shot.


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