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Dana Zamir




When pig fly

i started the first step and searching for idioms:


with every idiom i wrote, i started to write next to it words of ideas.

i narrowed the list to 8 idioms, that the ideas i wrote were more interesting for me.


i developed each idea by writing the full story i want to illustrate.

after developing each idea a little more, i narrow the list once again. i thought what will be simple or complex to do in the time frame. and which is the one that not only have interesting say, but i can put my own quirks in to it. eventually i choose 'when pig fly' because i could see myself playing with this idiom in a funny way.

part 2:

for me the idiom is like a child's dream, and an adult crushes it.

after understanding my concept, i did a illustrated research for angles and shapes.


i liked the idea of a kid in a batman suit- what child does not want to be Batman :)

and added to it some hope...

i debated between 2 options



i felt that the left image is better, because i wanted to maintain minimalism.

this is the final result (i tried Mikey's  texture, but it didn't go quit well with what i was aiming for)



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