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When my soul was in the lost and found...

Hello all, really enjoyed this class, I have done a few lettering classes as I really enjoy drawing as do very little these days compared to the time on a mac.

I found several quotes and phrases that I liked the idea of using.

"When my soul was in the lost and found, you came along to claim it" from an Aretha Franklin song.

"Great things are done when men and mountains meet" by Mark Twain

So I did a few sketchs in my book.

I decided I liked the soul phrase, and that it gave plenty of scope, so I did a few more simple sketches.

I put together a board on Pinterest of the type of things I liked and the lettering styles that interested me. These are a few examples of the type of images I collected.

My first full sketch of the lettering, in need of some refinement.

Another sketch with some more refinement, but wasn't sure about all the swirls and scrolls. But I felt happy enough to go for a ink version.

I even bought myself I light box.

So this is my final inked version, pretty happy with it I think. I'm keen to just do white textured lettering on a vintage lost property type image, so thats the next step.

Hope you like the project, any thoughts or feedback would be great.

So this is how I imagined this would look whilst doing the type, I know it's probably a bit predictable but I really dont fancy using colour. I have another idea for a project for the next class that would work well in colour based on a song lyric. 

Let me know what you guys think, I am at that stage now where I am starting to question everything and probably need to leave it alone.

I have just started the next class in the series, I decided not to do anything else on this one, so I now have a new design in progress which I will be adding colour and texture, you can see the project here.


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