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Farah Nehme




When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

When life give you lemons, make lemonade! That must be one of the most recurrent sayings but it is my motto in life.

It means hard work, presence and openness to the sweet twists of one's path.

In addition to what it points at, i cannot not imagine myself rejoicing in a happy magical garden with lemon trees and a lot of greenery... where sunrays shine through the tree leaves, a refreshing humid breeze leaves droplets of water on flower buds & branches, and snails & ladybirds have a lovefest with nature... 

It also makes me think of a spring carnival with lemonade kiosks, soda pops, stripy straws, wigglers, flower crowns and a red plane show ...

I haven't decided yet on the application but here are some references :)

14.01.14: Happy New Year! Here's some warm up doodles ... i'm really slow and it's taking me ages to draw a word >_< but i'll keep on trying! 


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