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When did it become real?

Version 1 - April 11th, 2015

I used some materials that I had around the house (tracing paper, rice paper, pencil crayons, markers and stencils) to bring my idea together. I think if I bought more supplies I could come closer to my vision, but I'd also like to expand it with more text.

Sketching Ideas - April 8th, 2015

I'd like the focus to remain on the words, not the images. I'm thinking of doing some cinged vellum paper covering a pastel-toned blotchy watercolour image with the text on it. One possibility may be to make the text become more readable, or to hide most of the text underneath the vellum, or to do layers of vellum. I'll have to play with the paper (see: buy vellum paper) to decide what looks best.

Finding a Quote - April 8th, 2015

One thing I really enjoy pondering is reality. About five years ago, I asked, when did it become real? I explored different facets of this question in my journals, and moved it to an online tumblr blog where I shared art that demonstrated the intersection of reality and dream. I particularly liked thinking about what moments in my life made me realize that I was living something that was real? When did I learn that everything comes to an end? When did the gauzy finish of youth fade away to show the harshness of reality? Things like that. I looked back at my journal and pulled a few pages. In the end, I just want to focus on the words of the question: "When did it become real?" and leave it up to the observer to assign a meaning.


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