Sheina Yeheskal

Graphic Designer - and Granny



When You Can't See the Map

Two years ago I had open heart surgery to replace not one but two valves that you could say weren't working so well. When the doctor came out he told my kids he had no idea how I had been functioning because the heart cavity was so small.  What was supposed to be a 4 hour surgery had been so difficult it had taken an extra hour. And this was probably from childhood. The surgery was just a bit before my 70th birthday. 

In between I have been married for 45 years, raised a big family  (we have over 20+ grandchildren), and without any degree taught piano/electric organ, sold a couple of articles, done professional sewing, and sold some art.   And never stopped learning. Well, and lots more stuff.  But the truth is I've never been able to "see the map".  Hopefully your classes will help me change that. 

But the big thing is I love the miraculous wonderful world around us. The colors the smells and tastes.  The songs they all sing together. And if you know how to look, there is so much wisdom and kindness out there.  If you know where to look. 

What I've been doing lately is making Inspirational Wallpapers Sets (12 each)  for my computer from bits of things I love. And I do it on my computer - which I really do love, in Photoshop with lovely fonts and creative style effects.  The image above is an example from my Faith set.

I know these are good - and they really take time to make, but I have absolutely no idea what to do with them. 



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