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When Wizards control my hand. They buy me dinner.


How are you? Now i've done all brush drawings before and after going through this class. Inorder to keep my mind afloat and paying attention as i was drawing i created stories behind them. If you enjoy reading along with pleasent photos then I hope you enjoy them as much as i made my roommate watch me draw them (I didn't, tee hee) OH! before i forget the Project Cover photo was used with a brush pen and fancied up with instagram. I sometimes feel i'm cheating if use filters (although i can't recall if i did or not on this one b/c sometimes the lighting in my basement [where I draw] gives off the yellowish light when i take pictures.) Getting sidetracked.

This first one is one I did by using Yuko Shimizu are as a reference.

I call this master fullly-ish kinda decent try of a Illustration "Battle of My Lord"

Inwhich it is a magican friend of mine battling a deamon for my lordship. It was this defeating moment in their ferious battle that made me choose this man to be my lord. That boar-elephant-mouse thing is because i accidently splitted it. it was my bad. I'm very sorry for that. I referenced one of Yuko's drawings as on how to do the scales. The magician doesn't look as good since i drew him first and and wasn't thinking much into this drawing. I can still see i can improve on it but i figured it done and moved on to the next one. OH! before i forget the floating bunny wasn't suppose to be that big, he was normally on a cloud. Funny how things become.

Okay, there was some brush pens in this one but it's mostly all brush. I even brushed gold into. Since after the dragon one looked cool with the gold i kept on working with it. these drawings are still only a few hours apart. Magical i know. I've been working on some stuff. The original drawing of this idea was nothing like this. if you ever see it in person you can see my light pencil marks showing it. This drawing is suppose to represent how Death rules us all, while our hearts rule us. The World evolves around Death. This one is hard to explain.

Okay last one but don't laugh

If you can't tell, I love space. I enjoy drawing it the most. (check other drawings for references) So this is a Tortoise coming to visit the moon of a different planet that looks just like earth. so It's a copy of our earth and moon but somewhere else and this very advanced tortoise has come to pay a visit. I cut it out and glued it to this chipboard. I'm not sure how to frame it. eh I'll figure it. Well the next step is to get better and figure how to color my Illustrations. I have the programs but never really messed with them. ehehe cute huh?! So tell me about yourself? Do you have pets? I want to get a tortoise and name him Darth Lord.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoyed your stay.


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