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Joshua Pitzalis

Web Developer



When Pandas Attack

A friend of mine is a musician and he's about the release his first album. He doesn't have a logo yet so I suggested creating an animal mark instead. Something simple that he can put on flyer gigs and attach to all his online promotions.

I started off by searching teh new for inspiration. I used google images, pintrest, designspiration and logopond for the search.

I then put together a simple moodboard using teh skills I learnt from Meg Lewis' Skillshare class on photoshop for beginners

I completely skipped the whole printing it out an doing 50 sketches bit because I hit a really nice tetrahedral design concept after a little playing about on illustrator. The idea came from these cool print out halloween mask concept by wintercroft.

Here were a few of the earlier pieces that didn't make the cut.

Although my friend ended up with a animal mark he is super happy with, I realise I have completely missed the point of this project. 

I am now moving onto the type section and I am going to make more of an effort to follow the project guidelines step-by-step.

To be contined...


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