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When I was young...

“When I was young…with visions of worlds that were all my own”

This lyric originates from a song called "Atmosphere" by Kaskade, I had to alter a few words to make it fit the 15 word requirement.  This quote is something that we can all relate to, it is very simple to understand and yet it's something that most of us overlook.

Our Youth…

We mostly understand our youth as a development age because we are too small and we don’t understand enough of the world around us to commit to anything for this world. It is a time where we are let loose and we get opportunities to create and imagine a sun made out of flowers or draw a penguin that can fly. We create new things and bring them to life because we don’t know what to reference or what to be inspired by during our process of creation, so we simply create things in our own individual perspective.


As we begin to grow older, our own vision of life takes root in something that is not original to us, we follow a path we don’t choose to follow and we "realize" what the world is "supposed" to be. We attend elementary school, middle school, high school then we are off to college. The expectations that are laid down upon us to finish school and find a job becomes our main priority because this formula is something that has been proven for years and generations. But the mindset we create and the expectations we set in our youth limits us to think beyond what life CAN be. We are led to believe that we have to care and focus on this path only because everybody else is doing the same thing, right? But when we reach the end of this journey and finish school, we are still expected to find a job and meet financial stability. Our life becomes an endless loop of expectations and goals that you didn’t set for yourself in the first place. We are fortunate to have an educational system where if you put the work in, you will get something worthy in return but it always leaves us wanting more. It does not encourage creativity within life itself but creativity in the system that we are following.  When we reach the end of our journey and finally “start” our life with our job/careers, some of us realize that life wasn’t what we thought it would be. All these years of hard work and dedication to follow this guided path for guaranteed success wasn’t that milestone of your life to reach self-fulfillment.

What it can be…

Some people are completely happy with what they have but for the people who seek more than what life gives us, people that strive to be different and create things, bring new things into this world, people that always question life. We have to realize to think like kids again, a place of time where we didn’t care about consequences, a very rare time of our life where we were just free to use our mind and discover life as we saw it.

“When I grow up, I want to make a world a better place and make people happy”


This is something that I thought of as a little kid, we don’t really think of it as much because we were just little and we don’t know any better right? Wrong! That type of thinking doesn’t have value in our minds because it just doesn’t seem realistic, it may seem crazy. But think about the goals you have right now, what do you look up to, what motivates you to find happiness in your life? Is it as noble and selfless as the ones you thought as you were kids?

How it applies to business…

When you are starting a business or creating a brand, think about the most pure reason of why you are doing what you are doing. A reason to build a business should be something that can last a life time. When I first went off on a venture to create my first brand, my reasons to start that business was to take advantage of a market that wasn’t hit yet, I saw the potential of this being successful like any entrepreneurs would but all of the reasons I had were expandable and wasn’t strong enough to create something realistic or meaningful enough to build something that would survive and expand. I took a step back and reflected on things I knew and were true to myself. There are several points in our lives where we all know who we want to be and what we want to do but we don’t accept it as our reality. I knew I was passionate about fashion and I knew that I wanted to do something that showed happiness and make a positive impact to this world. So I took a step back and thought about what thoughts and beliefs made me unique, these were things that I knew all along but i ignored to pursue something that i thought was more important. After through reflection, it all made sense, it was the most honest and natural point of my life and I realized who I was in the most simple form.  I simply wanted to pursue fashion and make positive changes to people around me through my brand . All of these previous expectations i had in my life to finish school and get a degree just felt less important. I knew i was still going to attend school and learn but i was learning for the sake of following my own path. I knew that this this path might not be as organized or clean but it was my own. I also knew that this was something worthy and i was creating this brand to do something bigger than just me, it was a way to create, bring positivity, and change lives. I always knew that this was what I wanted but now I understood it, I took myself seriously and I made this goal something meaningful to me. Now I had the confidence to focus on things that mattered in my life and ignore all other thoughts that were not contributing to help me move forward. It felt right to start building my life and I was motivated to learn and inspired to work harder than anybody else. I felt less pressured about school and my future because I knew I was now living life to achieve a worthy goal. For me, a 19 year old college student, starting a business isn't about building my credential to make my resume more preferable, it isn't about supporting myself financially. I was creating a business and my brand to use it as a tool to deliver my message out to the world, to express my passion, to share my happiness and to hopefully infect them with the same joy and greatfulness i feel everyday.

“Progressive realization of a worthy goal”

The potential of what we can do and what we can motivate ourselves to do in our life is what makes it beautiful, the variety and the colors we bring and create as individuals make us more intelligent as a society and more diverse. Remember the life that we live, the food we eat, things we admire, music we listen to, the things that drive us and motivate us were created by people no different than you and I. So I write this to share my thoughts and realizations that have helped me move forward with my life to encourage people to dream big and realize that these crazy dreams are realistic. I hope some of these things can be used and applied to everyone who takes the time to read this and think. You don't have to look for answers all the time, they might already be there in your head, or perhaps you already thought of it when you were just a little boy or a girl....


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