"When I am sad, I give to me and to you a hug"

The quote I'm using is: When I am sad, I give to me and to you a hug"

I know it's a bit longer than what MKM suggested, but is pretty special to me. It's something my 2.5 year old said to me out of the blue a few weeks ago. So simple and sweet, and a friend suggested he may have a career as a song writer some day.

I thought I'd make it a print or poster for a child's room, and give it a fun and cutesy feel. Here's my word list:

My first mood board has the kid-friendly vibe to it:

For some reason the words "honey" and "bear hug" jumped out at me. I thought it might be sweet to include a bee and honeypot or hive. Then I had the idea to make the poster feel a bit like a vintage honey jar label. I like this direction so far...

And lastly, some type inspiration:


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