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When I Get a Round Tuit

When I was a kid, my grandparents had a piece hanging in their home. It was a simple circle and some text that read "This is a Round Tuit. Guard it with your life. Tuits are hard to come by - especially the round ones. For years you've talked about all the things you want to do. Now, you can finally do all the things you'd planned to do once you got a Round Tuit."

I always loved that and thought about it over the years when I found myself procrastinating. Even with design classes, I've put them off. I tell myself that I've got time or that I'll take more classes once X happens, but it's been a year since my last design education effort. Until now, of course.

I started out just kind of scribbling and doodling, trying to get back into the creative swing of things. Before I knew it, my basic instincts had kicked in. But they didn't represent a prodigious drawing ability or a hidden talent of which even I was unaware. Instead, it went more like this:

"It's like I'm painting an Easter egg!" "This looks like a tablecloth..." "This one reminds me of those cake pops they have downstairs at Starbucks." "Let's make this a plate, with forks and knives!"

And then I realized: I'm hungry. I'll eat later, though... when I get around to it.


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