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When I Do Mornings, I Do Mornings Right

My work takes me on a rollercoaster of schedules so the concept of "breakfast" is a wee different. When the stars align, and I am gifted with the luxury of a quiet start to the day, I take the chance to indulge myself.

A walk through the local market is always a nice way to start the day. Fresh air in the lungs, fresh veg for the fridge, and maybe, just maybe, a carrot cake whoopie pie for a shot of sugar. Carrots are healthy for you right?

But then there are times when I want to get out of the house, but it's a bit wet for outside play. Say what you will, but I have a special place in my heart for the local neighbourhood Green Goddess, Starbucks. The coffee is awful, but that pastry case can be a trove of wonder. Sweet decadent sinful wonder. Say, a Nutella-filled muffin? Hazelnuts are good for you right?

When I do want coffee, I'll head for a more specialized dealer. Life is truly too short for dreadful coffee. During the summer, my tastes lean towards cold brew. You get the full flavour of the coffee, without the threat of brain-freeze from an iced drink. Plus - you get a cute fancy little bottle to boot.

The weekend, though, is a time for something special. A little more effort, a bit more indulgent (we were eating good and healthy all week right? all those carrots and nuts?) - that's when I reach for the cast iron pan and get my pancake on. With a side of roasted pork belly of course.

Then there are days like today when I hit the ground running (literally) first thing in the morning, and go for a run. It can't always be about sugar and starch, and everything nice. That's when I throw together something more balanced - such as this linguine with milk-braised pork and kale for my post-workout nourishment. Fills the stomach, and the soul.

Most of these shots were shot previously and with a point and shoot Nikon), but all were shot with natural light. I re-edited them under VSCO/Snapseed and have posted the results here. Instagram will have my original posts. I hope to update this project with more pictures as I progress along.

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