Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune - student project

Danella wanted nothing more in her entire life than to fit in. Ignored and used as a work horse to help support her mere merchant family, her travels not brought anything more than more work. During one of her routine chores at a new place, her mother falls ill leaving Danella alone in the already cruel enough world. In a twist of fate a new friend brings about a whole new beginning for Danella. 

Baron Lixen of Casterfeld looks forward to the days when he can retire and enjoy the things in life that misses most. Having never been married and no heir, who can he leave his esteemed castle to? Among his courtiers none seem capable, and the peasants of the village are already too busy with their own lives. 

Sir Levi has served the Lord of Welton for many years, training all of the army. He had taken the oath of loyalty an oath that ruled him by night and day. In a twist of fate, Levi learns that sometimes the oath that binds you to those you love can also be the oath that destroys that love. 

Story - Danella's struggles through the world of trying to be accepted. 

Plot - Is Danella's journey filled with love, joy, hate, and revenge.