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What's the mindset?

I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about what I should be doing other than sleeping.  I fall back asleep.  My alarm sounds and I wake up ready to kick my day's ass but my head begins to spin of everything I need to do.  How to prioritize? How to meet the deadline? How to get groceries? How to call my friends?   Typing. Thinking. Talking. Reading. Eating. Listening.  This is what I do five days a week.    

To me, there are two types of people in the world, learners and non-learners and I want to evaluate my mindset.  I want to track how much during the day do I  type, think, talk, read, eat and listen.  And out of that time, how much of it is focused on learning vs. non-learning.  I want to explore my activity and explore my personal mindset.  


I am not sure how I am including the learning and non-learning piece in yet but here is what a have. (I have the data for learning and non-learning, but I am not sure how to display it)

I documented throughout my day what I did.  Then, I captured the time it happened.  I translated the time into minutes and then divided the day intwo 3 sections: morning, afternoon, and evening.  I then calculated what I did during each section of the day, how many minutes it was, and what percentage of my day I did it.  Then, I pie charted it out and put it in the section it belongs.  

Sketch so far.  


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