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Trina Esquivelzeta




Whats my type?

Here are a few of the types in my home. I love all of them for different reasons. I tried to think how these would look if they swapped... not very nice.. but here they are..

Then my 10 different types for 10 words. The thing I found hard about this was the sporty one.. I just couldn't see it.. so went for the simple option. 

Then I chose these 2 branding items for the next part. As I've not looked any further I wanted to show 1 that I love and was imediately drawn to because I like how the colours work. This is of course for a clothing line. I think it says without trying - i'm modern, for the young to yummy mummy type. Also I like the way the buttons are on it too. The logo is the name and this is the clothing tag which sort of carries through from the name to the branding. 

Next I chose a perfume I have purchased recently because it says how expensive and chic it is. You sort of know what sort of smell you will get even before opening the box. 

So going to try and move on whilst I have time.. hope you like them. 


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