What's in My Trash

What's in My Trash - student project

Here are trash from the things I always use everyday:

Plastic wrap
Plastic from the food package
Plastic from cooking oil package
Plastic bottle from skincare routine
Food waste
Sanitary pads
Food ingredients waste
Wet tissues and tissues
Cotton pads and cotton buds


My ways to recycle:

Reuse skincare bottle for another use, e.g for keeping my accessories
Using plastic from groceries to throw pellet wood away
Using phone box to keep my skincare
Using box from online shopping to keep things


My ways for zero waste swap:

Swap my regular cat litter to wood pellet
Using natural, organic skincare that collaborates with local farmers or from local brands instead of using chemical skincare from big companies
Using shopping bags when shopping groceries
Using lunchbox for buying meals instead of using plastic

Using e-receipt when shopping to a minimart (there is already a minimart in my country that I can swap my old receipt to e-receipt)


P.S: The photo is my current pellet wood for my cats. It really help me reduce the expenses of cat litter, my cats really like it and the smell is great!