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Whats for you won't go by you

I've always loved hand lettering whether that be calligraphy or more modern pieces with fancy scripts and have dabbled in the past with my own try. I'm also doing a course through the OCA and I'm on the Typography section so I thought this class would be really beneficial. I really love typography and really want to learn more about it and be able to create my own work so I was really looking forward to the class.

I started thinking if some phrases I like some famous ones by Dr Seus but decided the one that meant most to me was "What's for you won't go by you! . My mum has said this to me many times over the years especially when I've really wanted something but haven't got it then afterwards I've often thought she was in fact correct!

I started mapping out some layout ideas and thinking about how the words are spoken and trying to lay them out accordingly. I was thinking about what words were most important - What's and Won't seemed most relevant. 

I like to do brainstorming so began to think about any associations which my word brought up. I was thinking like being on a journey through life, things passing by - arrows, maps, destiny, highs and lows , ups and downs like snakes and ladders. The idea that I liked the best was a sort of compass idea and I was of thinking of having arrows to suggest what way you might go in life. I did decide just to sketch out different concepts and see where it took me. 

I also started collating images on Pinterest of type that I liked and became a bit obsessed to be honest. I love script calligraphy styles with swirls and embellishments but also some of the bolder pieces. I also had a look through one of my favourite books by Marian Bantyes called Wonder and looked and some of her beautiful work. 

I created some boards

I really like the work of Jessica Hirsche and I like script style writing but also fancy serifs sort of vintage looking. 

Very rough sketches - thinking about layout

I experimented with different fonts as I went along ranging from script to fanc erif. I was thinking about what Mary Kate said in the tutorial about script not being so succesful with shorter words and decided that I'd probably want to use a combination in my final design.

Trying to work out how to draw letters which are rising - should they always be veritical or angled is is okay to have some leters gradually becoming smaller??

Trialling out a ladder sketch idea - not so sure I like this one with the compass as part of the letter.

Snakes and ladder sort of idea with swirls coming down and ladders going up ut think this is a bit hard to understand get the idea across.

Quite like the arrows an compass beign working in and I like the script on the "you"

A very rugged looking script only version - don't think this would be very strong.

I was thinking of like a plane showing something going by you but i'm not sure it works. Although I quite like the stars and the layouts getting better.

Messing about wiht some angled text would need to refine this a lot

Quick layout sketches

Bringing in a bigger compass and thinking perhaps a banner as a focus point could work with a tail almost showing it flapping in the wind sort of reinforcing the theme. 

Trying some embellishments - not so sure about the ladder effect border

Adding some swirls and embellishments

Getting there I think I like the basis of htis with the script fornt and bold banner. I added some swirls and the compass but I think these need refined and the letters could be a bit more structured I think. The FOR YOU and GO BY need to be stronger and the script maybe a bit neater. 
Would really welcome any comments / feedback on how I can improve.

A few refinements later - feel like i'm getting somewhere. Decided to extent the swirling embellishments and refine the lettering. Making changes to the script to neaten it up and the fancy serif.

I made a few refinements and inked it up using my fineliners. Some of the curves are still a little dodgy but on the whole I think its not a bad attempt.

I then decided to see if I could conquer Illustrator to add some colour. I think I'm going to enroll in the next class to see if I can pick up some more pointers but some of these experiments below I think are showing some promise. 

Reading back the comments from Mary Kate I think shes right in that the final inked version is a little light and the previous version with the slightly bolder text might be worth revising. I inked out this version adding a few more details and trying to refine as much as possible and do think this new version does look a bit stronger. I'm pretty busy at the moment with various projects and work but hopefully will try a colour version in the coming weeks. 


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