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#What's for dinner?(not official name)

Making plans, especially with a group is never fun for the person making them.  There is a lot of pressure to pick a good restaurant, find a bar...without a line, and plan a great night out for "the crew".  Making plans with group collaboration can even be worse, either nobody cares or everybody wants a say in the action. 

I have a much bigger idea for this app in mind, but hey this is my first web app so I am going to start small...

I spend countless nights with my roommate, girlfriend, and friends deciding what to get for dinner.

  • Are we ordering in or out?
  • Seamless?
  • Sushi, Italian, Mexican?
  • Well what are you not in the mood for?
  • Narrow it down to three and I'll pick one.
  • I picked last time!
  • ..........Forget it, I'm not even hungry anymore.

Either select 5, 3, or 0 food types you could eat, and have **name of app here** pick it for you! Upload a pic of that food for proof!

Ideally, you would pick a few options and bam! The web app would purchase a gift certificate  ($5-$10)to a local restaurant that serves that food so there is no backing out! **Once again, first app here, starting small!


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